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Cantiere Punta Ala srl

Cantiere Punta Ala SRL is able to take complete care of your boat, carry out major works including extraordinary maintenance and make structural changes of all kinds, both in design and construction. It has a 6.40-meter wide and 22.30-meter long hauling and launching tank, a 75-ton Travel Lift, hydraulic trolleys and hydrojet. Any kind of work, modification or customization can be done “to perfection” directly within its modern specialized departments. To name a few: lengthening of stern planks, installation of bow thrusters, interior renovations or modifications, resin or joinery work, teak deck refurbishment, osmosis treatments, painting, repair of pneumatic boats, body work, hauling and launching. The outdoor yards have cranes and workshops equipped for work and maintenance on inboard/outboard, diesel and gasoline, outboard marine engines, electrical servicing, and any other type of service.

Cantiere navale Costa Etrusca Group a Punta Ala
Cantiere navale Costa Etrusca Group a Punta Ala

Services include (if permitted) boat pickup at your berth, “grounding” operations, processing and delivery to the berth on a predetermined date, 24-hour assistance through the availability of an emergency number.
The offices have staff able to perform immediate estimates for ordinary/extraordinary maintenance operations, supply of nautical and electronic accessories; technical advice is also offered for the purchase of new and used pleasure boats and vessels at “their” facility and elsewhere; conducting Rina paperwork supported by the Port’s agency of competence.
From 2022, Punta Ala Shipyard becomes base of operations
of FlyingNikka, Adventurous, extraordinary, unparalleled: FlyingNikka is the world’s first Mini Maxi with foil, a project projected into the future. Ready to beat, thanks to full foiling navigation, all speed records in the great offshore classics.

Costa etrusca group

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