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Project Management

Results with Accuracy

Our project managers possess a multidisciplinary skill set necessary to successfully tackle the crucial steps of each project.

Marco Mallegni

Experience in racing as a professional, passionate about Rigging since 2005 and in 2007 participated in the America’s Cup as Rigging manager of the boat “Mascalzone Latino”. From 2008 to 2022 he is PM of Cantiere Vismara for building boats from 50 to 100 ft, including Baltic refitting. For the past two years he has been part of the Costa Etrusca Group and accompanies us on our adventure.

Emanuele Citi

Just eighteen years old, Emanuele began his experience in the nautical industry, his passion for this fascinating world having been passed down from his grandfather, a “shipwright.”
Commander and racer of Maxi Yachts and Sailor Yachts, over the years he obtained the position of Production Manager of another prestigious shipyard.
Twenty years’ experience in the field of Refitting as Project Manager.

I project Manager di Costa Etrusca Group

Project management: our flow

The first function of our PMs is to develop a project plan aimed at achieving the goal required by the client.
Budget estimation
The project must be in line with the client's spending capacity. This aspect implies close cooperation of our project managers with the accounting and administrative area of the company, as well as in-depth knowledge of financial mechanisms.
Team selection and delegation of responsibilities
Decision-making power, tasks and responsibilities must be delegated to one's team by carefully choosing our people.
Managing communication
Our project managers are able to provide centralized information to facilitate efficient, clear and misunderstanding-free communication.
Monitoring the project
In order to monitor the progress of the work, our PMs must use a series of short- and medium-term indicators to assess the feasibility or otherwise of the set goal, the intermediate results achieved by our team, and the quality of those results.
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