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Costa Etrusca Group

For over 25 years, our dedication, passion and love for the boating world have been identified in the expression of our work. Since 1999, we have been fervently committed to the sea, boats and most importantly, our valued customers.

we are here

Storage and maintenance

At our Scarlino Storage Facility, size is not an issue. We have a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to accommodate boats of all sizes indoors, ensuring smooth handling of hulls. Thanks to an innovative sliding door system, entry and exit of boats is quick and unobstructed.

  • Use of large road trolleys
  • Safe transfer of vessels
  • Efficient and fast handling

Cantiere Navale Costa Etrusca SRL

Our storage facility in Scarlino is a modern facility, specially designed to accommodate very large boats indoors, which allows hulls to be moved with extreme ease, thanks in part to a new sliding door system.
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Cantiere Punta Ala SRL

Punta Ala Shipyard is able to take complete care of your boat, carry out important work including extraordinary maintenance and make structural changes of all kinds, both in design and construction.
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Costa Etrusca Service SNC

Part of the Costa Etrusca family, it offers quality services tailored to the client's needs. Located in the heart of Punta Ala, it is also active on weekends.
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Our partners

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